Trusted by Farmers

Opens clogged grease fittings on large trucks & all types of farm machinery, such as tractors and plow traps.

Perfect for Mechanics

Mechanics use it to prevent clogs, which helps in aid them in greasing problematic grease fittings.

Excellent for Construction

Perfect for construction equipment, such as front loaders, backhoes and bulldozers, where dirt in pins is a constant problem.

Loggers Love It

Excellent for cleaning grease fittings clogged from dirt, dried grease and sawdust on logging equipment.

About the Zerk Zapper

The Best Tool For Grease Fitting Maintenance

Zerk ToolThe Zerk Zapper tool is a simple yet amazing tool used to clean and unclog the grease fittings, joints and bearings on farm machinery, construction equipment and industrial machinery. Anyone who greases any kind of equipment will appreciate this tool.

The Zerk Zapper combines the use of a solvent with extreme high pressure to break up blockage in any grease fitting, joint or bearing. With the Zerk Zapper you will no longer have to listen to the creaking of your machinery knowing that something didn’t get greased. You also will not have to pay that high labor charge that comes with taking machinery apart to get the grease into a clogged fitting. The Zerk Zapper gives you the option of not paying that labor and seriously reducing maintenance cost and downtime.

It will no longer be necessary to dig out the old, dried up dirt and grease behind the fitting. Simply fill this tool with a light solvent, attach the tool to the clogged zerk, and tap the piston head with a hammer. The hydraulic action along with the increasing pressure from the tool will clean the zerk. The dried grease and dirt will be flushed from behind the zerk. Now it will be possible to grease your machinery.


Works Great On

Farm Equipment

Construction Equipment

 Logging Equipment

 Large Trucks and Semis

 Industrial Equipment

 Automotive Engines & Equipment

 Boat Engines & Equipment

Aircraft Equipment


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